This tool takes a list of ITIS TSNs for species and gives you a standard Hierarchy

The hierarchy ranks returned are only a subset of those in ITIS. The ranks of "Division" (plants) and "Phylum" (animals) are assumed coordinate for the purposes of this report.

You can include TSNs for genera but the "Species" column will be "undefined". Including TSNs above the genus level will yield unpredictable results based on the first children in the record. The TSNs do not need to be for valid or accepted names, only names that occur in ITIS, but the tool only reports the hierarchy for currently accepted/valid names. Synonyms will have asterisks (*).

Note that the tool is slow. It parses approximately 165 TSNs per minute on my relatively slow connection. It also does not report in the same exact sequence that the TSNs were entered. It may not run in earlier browsers that do not support HTML5. You need not run the tool from its current location though. Feel free to copy the file "hierarchyFromTSN.html" to your desktop or your own server and run it from there. It only needs access to the internet.

Please paste your list into the box below. Don't worry about the size or shape. The box accepts either a single column or a delimited list. It expands and accepts any delimiter between TSNs that is not an integer. The delimiters do not need to be the same, just not integers. For example, pasting in "speciesOne,752125,species two,752126"is fine but "species1,752125,species 2,752126" is not.